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In our neighborhood we listen, we respect and we respond.  When we see our neighbors in need we make these needs known to our community of volunteers - people from across the city who want to give and serve – and together we meet needs. Our volunteers may not live in this neighborhood but they want to be neighbors to those in need.  Some of these needs may seem small and touch only one individual, like a child needing glasses. Some needs are larger, serving groups of people like providing showers, haircuts and food to the homeless, providing camaraderie and a meeting space for local veterans or providing a sense of strength and togetherness for families with addictions.

With over 3,000 square feet of meeting space, including 2 smaller meeting rooms and a 3,000 square foot warehouse, we invite local service groups interested in using our facility for meetings, events, and service projects to contact us at 929-256-2820. 


You may not see needs in your own neighborhood, but we see needs in ours.  Join us and be neighbors with us.  It’s easy – find where you fit.  Just help your neighbor!

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